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When it comes to gate service repairs, they are all important. Gate Repair Van Nuys is never found in the difficult position of prioritizing its customers’ needs because it has the technical power and numerous trucks and teams to take care of all problems simultaneously. On the contrary, we prioritize our own needs and put the continuous feeding of our infrastructure at the top of our list along with the strict training of all technicians and great cognizance of all personnel. We must maintain mighty foundations and have broad knowledge of changes, innovations and products in order to improve our methods, adopt new techniques and, ultimately, serve you better and faster.

Equal attention to all gate needs of clients

Gates play a very significant role to the efficient protection of properties and it is our obligation to maintain their power and reinforce their security with great services, professional consultation, immediate 24/7 emergency service and top repair parts and products. A noisy gate might not seem as an urgent issue compared to a damaged sliding gate safety sensor but small problems may also lead to bigger ones and that’s why we never underestimate them but give full attention to all of them. For this reason, it is necessary for our contractor to keep multiple vans, which are fully equipped in accordance to the latest recommendations of technology and trained specialists for all occasions.

This way, we achieve to take care of problems fast but also with efficiency.
We specialize in all electric gates and offer full 24 hour residential and commercial gate service repairs, which would include the installation of new doors or components, their replacement, maintenance and repair. The special teams of “Gate Repair Van Nuys” are meticulous, dedicated, experienced and well-trained and that’s why they ensure scrupulous work, fast intervention and careful repairs whether clients require a simple evaluation or driveway gate track replacement. We are at your service at all times! Email our company and be sure that we’ll get back at you as soon as possible!

Side Gate

Many commercial and residential properties have at least one side gate in addition to the main one. While the main gate leads to the main door of the building on the property, the side one can lead to a back door or side door or simply to the outdoor area. The purpose of the side units is to keep the property secure while allowing easy access to different points on it to people who have a key. Most side gates are pedestrian ones made from wood or metal. They are fairly narrow. Their height is determined based on the surrounding structures, security needs and esthetic preferences. In rare cases on commercial properties, they can be vehicular. The pedestrian gates on the sides of the property usually have swing design which makes manual operation convenient. They rarely get openers and intercom systems. They may have a closer installed in some cases. The locks which they use are usually physical ones.

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